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Founder Owner X Marleen Gonzalez

Founder Owner X Marleen Gonzalez

This week we are going to be featuring Marleen Gonzalez @marla_ji.
Marleen is one of the founders/owners of LUDIC; she and her sister work side-by-side. LUDIC was born March of 2016 it started as online only and doing pop up events here and there. During the launch of our business she also had a full-time job…
Wanna know more? READ ON Babes… 
Marleen what did you do before opening LUDIC?
I worked for a woman’s multiline showroom for about 8 years! We sold contemporary clothing; represented multiple brands, so we didn't just sell one brand of we sold multiple labels/brands. It was my job right after college it was actually senior internship I got hired after being there for three months. People always ask me what did I do at the Showroom? What was my title well geez I wore many different hats since I was there for eight years I saw the company go from five employees counting the CEO go always up to 75+ employees by the time I left. I did everything from customer service, merchandising, sales, back end so much I am truly grateful for. I worked with small boutiques/shops all across the US  and around the world. I had the opportunity to work with some larger retailers NORDSTROM, REVOLVE and many others I got to experience really great things and work with some amazing women. I had the opportunity to travel and meet so many amazing people, really some once and life time experiences.
When did you know you wanted to start your own business?
Always! Haha…Yeah I remember going into my interview for my internship at the showroom and the BOSS/CEO interview me and asking me directly…
“SO,  what are your long-term goals? What you eventually want to do/be?”
And I had the answer… “I was like well eventually my sister and I want to open up our shop, we want to have a lifestyle shop together in our local neighborhood. However, before that I would love to learn the ins and outs of a showroom and how the process works hands on.”
The answer was I always knew want I wanted to do and that is why I went to college  and earned my B.S in Fashion Merchandising and now here I am with our Shop and Online business. To make that goal/dream continue and be my reality is amazing I am so grateful blessed and thankful! I went to school and work my ass off never giving up!
What schools did you attend?
Schools that have attended... I graduated from Banning High School class of 2004! “Once a Pilot always a Pilot!” From there I attended Long Beach City College “ Go Vikings!” … I did change my major a couple of times before settling on my love... Fashion Merchandising. I received my associates degree then transferred to Cal Poly Pomona to earn my Bachelors Degree.
What/ Who was an influence in your career choice?
My sister was definitely a big influence on my life she was always really into fashion and she was always so well dressed. She took pride in her outfit everyday. Growing up and seeing her she was you know like most younger sisters the cool older sister that was awesome and I wanted to be like her, haha…
Can you snap us your Life at the moment?
Mom of an amazing 6 year old bearded dragon loving boy, busy running my shop and doing a little bit of selfceare!!!
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